Thrifty Lifestyle

Thrifty Lifestyle
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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Thrifty Lifestyle

Sometimes we have to become thrifty for circumstance. We just don't have so much in life. So being thrifty is no longer a choice, for most of us it's a must.

At first, set up your mind. Understand your need and income. Take a decision to balance between two. Being thrifty is not bad. Don’t put any negative emotion against it.

Anyone can’t know how to live a thriftier lifestyle until he/she know where his money is currently going. Know how much youspend a week or month. Track your spending for at least 2 weeks. it may shock you. Ask yourself: Do I really need this?  

Write down every time you spend money and take a look at it at the end of the month.

Scour the Internet when you need something to buy. By this you can compare price.

Get Rid of Old Books to Free Up Space and Money. Slash your Book Expenses by 90% by using Library, Used Bookstore/Website, Online Book Swap Service, and Borrow with Friends

Turn off the lights; unplug chargers and other electronics in your home when you are not using them or when you are not using them.

Thrift stores are a must. Use coupons when for regular grocery shopping. Many websites and stores offer coupons which you can take with you to the grocery. Combining manufacturer's coupons with store discounts can able to make a major grocery savings.

Buy in bulk. Whether, it will be toilet paper, diapers, frozen items and meat, paper or other household item.  Usually bulk items are offered at a better price then buying these same items single again and again.

Eat at home most nights
. When you do go out, look for available deals and discounts. Create a weekly or monthly meal plan. By this you can save your money from gas and transport cost.

Create a savings bottle or jar. Put your extra change in a savings jar. Wait one or two months and you can see it serves you good amount of money.

Stop comparing with others. Think about what you really need instead of what other people using or others want. Maintain your position as Thrift. Ultimately it will help your lifestyle.